Interview with DAVY from Method Gaming

Hey DAVY, thanks for taking time to answer some of our questions.

First of all, please give us a brief story of you & your team’s past!

DAVY: Me, KNALLER and qwertYYY are mostly known for our cod2 and cod4 achievements where me and KNALLER became world and european champions (cod2) and qwertYYY was one of the best cod2-players and also won some big cod4-lans. We played for teams like Dignitas, TEK9, Infused, Buttonbashers, etc. Toxjee was a prolific cod4 player who dominated the game for a while with Powergaming and represented other teams like TCM, Serious-gaming, etc. rEb1rth was a young talent at the later stages of cod4 who’s now hitting his peak in Battalion!

Could you let us sneak peek behind the scene of the recent change in your team’s lineup?

DAVY: We took a risk with removing one of the best players in the game but sometimes things just don’t work out. rEb1rth brings the positivity we need plus is one of the most dedicated players in the game and is clearly very talented. We wish supreme well and I’m not surprised he’s been picked up by one of the most successful teams in Battalion.

Can you tell us how you got involved in B44 and why you chose to play this game?

DAVY: Since cod2 I never encountered a competitive game I truely enjoyed. Meanwhile I did see esports growing like a speed train, even attended some events like ESL One Cologne and IEM Katowice because I was kind of involved through my brother who’s a big csgo-youtuber. Also attending a LoL world championship semi finals as a spectator.

I’ve always had that itch to compete again but there was no game out there for me. Untill I saw the Battalion1944 kickstarter. The way they described the game, a skillbased arcade competitive shooter based on games like cod2, seemed perfect for me. So I got myself involved and gotten access to the alpha’s. And haven’t stopped playing since!

Battalion1944 leans more towards cod4 than cod2 which isn’t 100% to my liking but it’s not as boring as cod4 because of the WW2-guns so I do very much like playing the game. And can’t wait for its full release in 2019!

Congratulations for joining Method Gaming. Have you been contacted by other organizations too? If yes, what made you settle with Method?

DAVY: We got contacted by a lot of orgs but only a couple very interesting ones. We were close to signing a pretty big contract in march but that offer died with the hype of the game. Method are one of the few orgs that acted professionally though, and showed real interest in the game and our lineup.

They are pretty progressive and see the potential in the game, so they stepped in early! I was surprised how unprofessional some other significant orgs handled things and Method were the complete opposite of that.

Are you excited to compete at LANs again? Do you think you have an advantage over other teams with your experience? What are your expectations for the Budapest LAN?

DAVY: I’m pretty excited to compete offline again yeah. Logically we should have some advantage over the teams that don’t have the same experience, but it has been a LONG time for us so the first lan will probably need some adjusting again. I actually think some of the favorites like Endpoint might have a bigger advantage atm as they’ve been attending cod2 lans in the last few years, uptill the fall of 2017. While the last lans for me, knaller and qwerty were 8-9 years ago. Yes, I know… We old now ^_^

Which 3 teams do you consider as your biggest competitors at the Budapest LAN?

DAVY: Demise, Endpoint and PENTA. But I feel things are very close and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Avenue, 6G, P9 or CRG do really good aswell.. Haven’t played N6 in a while but I know they have talent. There’s just not a clear top3 atm. And because of the betaweekends of MU2 I feel like this lanresult could be very random, not everyone has had the time to fully prac during the weekends. I also don’t know what the tournamentformat is yet. BO1 games could easily be the death of the ‘better’ team. The major will be clearer to predict.

How do you see Battalion 1944’s future? What are your plans for the future with this game?

DAVY: MU2 is looking good but MU3 is going to be the more important update imo. This is where Bulkhead will be focusing on arcade and the casual gamer. I believe Battalion1944 can definitely be the game for casuals, it just needs a good playerretention-model, which I think is possible to do.

The rumourmill says that Faceit is a done deal so it’s amazing to have a platform like that involved. I don’t think that’ll be launched before the full release next year but it’s great to look forward too. For me personally, aslong as it stays fun and it doesn’t interfere too much with my personal life, I’ll be playing the game as long as I can.

What’s your favourite feature in Battalion’s Major Update 2?

DAVY: The economysystem is starting to grow on me and I believe it does create some cool variation in the game. It’s SO satisfying to win an ECO-round, makes me feel like f0rest!! It probably still need some balancing though but we’re in a very early stage.

What’s the main thing you’d like to see changed in further updates?


  • Horizontal jumping accuracy in ADS heavily nerfed.
  • More accuracte (static) hipfire.
  • A mechanic to silentclimb on ladders.

What’s your training regiment like?

DAVY: We always try to set up a schedule for the upcoming week and play in the evenings, we try to play in the weekends aswell but people often have their own stuff going on then. Nothing special.

Do you do any research about your opponents? How do you prepare for a match against them?

DAVY: There’s not a lot of options to do research. We try to adapt on the fly.

Are there special routines you do prior to the start of tournaments?

DAVY: I poo.

How do you stay motivated to keep playing? Do you ever get bored of your game?

DAVY: Competition is the incentive. If tournaments keep popping up, we’ll keep praccing. Though people from back in the day will know I have a hard time staying focused, especially during prac. PENTA’s Mark loves bugging me about it… fanboys will be fanboys.

Where can people find out more about you/your team?


Method Gaming:






Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community?

DAVY: Mainly want to thank the people that are trying to keep the community afloat. Shoutout to Crappy, Howie, Pronic, Baker, Dark, Mitch, dusT, EP, Viper, Sulph8, Dean, Hawka, … probably missing a lot of people here. You know who you are!

Thank you for taking time answering my questions. I wish you and your team all the best for the future, see you at Budapest.

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