Interview with DAXTEN from AVENUE eSports

First of all, congratulations on finding the right players to your team! Please give us a brief story of you & your team’s past!

DAXTEN: Thanks, It’s been a bit of a struggle. I’ve played with Soulzz since February, and met morphYy in March I believe when we joined Entropy, we then had some internal issues and decided to part ways with DCT and Shiki. We picked up Edimka and Reecey but that fell apart pretty quickly and finally we had some luck when we found the Czech wonders, cDe and loony.

Can you tell us how you got involved in B44 and why you chose to play this game?

DAXTEN: Unfortunately I didn’t hear about the game before its EA release, I had no friends that were playing it at the time and took a chance on it when it advertised itself as a CoD2/4 revival. I chose to play it because in my opinion apart from CS the FPS scene was pretty dead and I wanted to support something that was striving to revive a classic eSports shooter.

How do you see Battalion 1944’s future? What are your plans for the future with this game?

DAXTEN: I hope it does really well and gains the casual playerbase it really needs. MU2 is definitely a step in the right direction and it’s just making me more motivated to play the game. My plans are to keep playing the game, dominate all these betas and grow under the Avenue name.

What’s your favourite feature in Battalion 1944?

DAXTEN: I think right now its the economy that has been added with MU2.

What’s the main thing you would like to see changed regarding the game?

DAXTEN: Team uniform colours are very similar which isn’t good, and the lack of consistancy when it comes to wallbangable objects perhaps.

What’s your training regiment like?

DAXTEN: Scheduled 4 days a week in which we usually play/prac from early evening.

Do you do any research about your opponents? How do you prepare for a match against them?

DAXTEN: Right now it’s pretty hard to research opponents, without demos and updates being added the game is changing are so is how teams play. If it’s at all possible we just watch official matches being streamed to see how teams play.

Are there special routines you do prior to the start of tournaments?

DAXTEN: I kiss my lucky egg.

How do you stay motivated to keep playing? Do you ever get bored of your game?

DAXTEN: Recently with the staggered MU2 weekends I really find it hard to play MU1 during the week, but become more motivated each weekend.

Where can people find out more about you/your team?







Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community?

DAXTEN: I’d just like to say to anyone who has recently stopped playing or is slating the game and hasn’t played MU2, I highly urge you to try the game on the 12th of July when MU2 is officially released.

Thank you for taking time answering my questions. I wish you and your team all the best for the future, see you at Budapest.

DAXTEN: No problem at all! Thanks and yeah, see you there!

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