Interview with rEb1rth from Defusekids

First of all, congratulations for all your achievements at 6G Cups so far! Please give us a brief story of you & your team’s past!

rEb1rth: Herro Crappy, thanks for inviting me and we’ve had a blast in these cups. Our team has a history in a variety of games. I’m Jeroen “rEb1rth-” van Kaam, 24 years old from the Netherlands. My roots in COD4 and Overwatch with my most notable teams being 4GRANTED, eNigma and Core Gaming. Some people might know me from the regular streams at the start of Battalion 1944 ( Currently playing for team Defusekids which I joined on 22nd of March after leaving Devious Gaming. I saw a brighter future for me within this team as I couldn’t settle myself properly in Devious.

Both Chris “dltr-” van der Schans and Axel “uzuma” Maes have been playing together for a very long time on COD4 going to various LANs getting good placements. Both being like-minded players with synergy and the ability to step up when it’s needed and being consistent. Axel “uzuma” Maes has taken on the in-game leading role which is working out very well. I’ve had some trouble in the start letting go of this role as I had been doing it for a very long time but I trust in his ability to read the game perfectly which has paid off so I can focus more on making plays. Kaj “kajsk1ng” van Staalduinen probably has most of his following coming from CounterStrike playing for teams as LLL, fnatic and Defusekids and later went on to play COD4. Jan “scythe” Slotman came from both CSGO and COD2 playing for Serious Gaming and a lot of other organizations. Being the oldest guy in the team he’s generally reffered to as our grandpa. He just keeps on impressing me since the beginning. Keep it up!

Can you tell us how you got involved in B44 and why you chose to play this game?

rEb1rth: I’ve been very motivated from the start of the Kickstarter project. The early footage got me hyped more than any game before which led to kind of an obsession. I was able to start playing the game in the 3rd alpha which got me hooked. Seeing all the old COD4 players testing the game was really fun as I didn’t see or speak with them for a couple of years.

How do you see Battalion 1944’s future? What are your plans for the future with this game?

rEb1rth: Obviously the game has it’s flaws in the current state of the game but that’s why it’s Early Access. I trust the developers to make the steps in the right direction. Eventhough I question some of the decisions that have been made they have done a lot of good things aswell. There has been a lot of hate on the game and the developers because all that is being emphasized is the “bad things”. We can fix the bad things, just give them time to do so.

As for the future, I’d say it’s looking bright. Yes, there needs to be a lot of fixing and they (the devs) know this. I am confident in MU2 to bring a lot of players back and hope to see 500 CCP so we can start playing MM again (doing 10mans is fun but sometimes a change is nice).

My plans with this game is to become the best and most consistent player with, I hope, Defusekids. The team has been working out great and I want to thank them once again for giving me the chance to join the dark side. Looking forward to the Budapest LAN and meeting a lot of new people.

What’s your favourite feature in Battalion 1944?

rEb1rth: When boosting, being the guy boosting someone else and then move ur mouse a little when the guy peaking starts shooting.

What’s the main thing you would like to see changed regarding the game?

rEb1rth: Pff, that’s a hard question. Obviously the BAR, I sometimes think it would be a better and more damaging option to throw my gun towards the enemy. With the rate of fire and clipsize being the biggest issue. Maps not having good sniper battles due to poor visibility (please fix fog and bloom, thanks brammmertron), smokes not covering areas properly.. No offense but there is a lot to choose from. I know they have been working to re-do maps so I hope that’ll make it less axis-sided. So for the main thing I’ll choose map lay-out being the main to change. Just so every weapon has an area to excel in.

What’s your training regiment like?

rEb1rth: At this stage it’s pretty hectic. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (if you reach the final) are already taken as 6GCups are held then. We try and schedule our remaining ECL matches on Tuesday and Sundays which is possible because I contact everyone and plan everything in advance. At this moment we only play the officials, so ECL games and 6GCups, which is a lot already. Usually 3 days a week, sometimes 4 if that’s required on average.

Do you do any research about your opponents? How do you prepare for a match against them?

rEb1rth: Not really, obviously if you know what certain players do regarding playstyles and spots they use from prior matches. We just take the game as it goes, adapting when needed and one round at a time.

Are there special routines you do prior to the start of tournaments?

rEb1rth: Personally no, just warming up and playing the game. Back when I was playing COD4 I did have one. I wore this dumb hat, without it I couldn’t play. Oh well, guess we all have some weird habits.

How do you stay motivated to keep playing? Do you ever get bored of your game?

rEb1rth: I’ve always had the everlasting drive to become the best. I started playing COD4 3 years after release so I lacked some experience. Before that I just played WoW and Diablo-like games so I didn’t have any gamesense or experience whatsoever. I am just a passionate guy who wants to become the best and that requires a certain amount of practice and a healthy mindset which I’m working on. Only thing I get bored off is people camping spawn 24/7 in ranked games or 10mans.

Where can people find out more about you/your team?



Twitter –

Twitch –

Facebook –

Chris “dltr-” van der Schans:

Twitter –

Axel “uzuma” Maes:

Twitter –

Twitch –

Jeroen “rEb1rth-” van Kaam:

Twitter –

Twitch –

Jan “scythe” Slotman:

Twitter –

Kaj “kajsk1ng” van Staalduinen:

Twitter –

Facebook –

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community?

rEb1rth: I want to thank Bulkhead for taking a risk in creating a competitive shooter. Merely because the competitive scene is not the place to go to if you want to make money. Give the developers time and keep giving them feedback (constructive, not the “Huehuehue ded gaem” bullshit). Gallantry Events, 6GCups, ThePlaysGG, Cybergamer and even FastFrags for showing continueing support in creating Tournaments and Leagues for us to compete in. I’ve always said “be the solution, not the problem”. I think that is a valuable thing to remember if we want this game to succeed.

Thank you for taking time answering my questions. I wish you and your team all the best for the future, see you at Budapest.

rEb1rth: Thank you for the interview and hope to see u in Budapest aswell.

Lastly I want to thanks both Defusekids’ Filip and Benji for supporting us with Battalion 1944. They’ve been the best management I’ve experienced thus far and we will make sure we can do their hard work justice in Gallantry Events’ Budapest LAN.

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