Starting Season II.

Proudly announcing the continuation of our series by starting Season II. on the 7th of May!

We’ve received a lot of feedback through Season I. so we were able to implement your ideas for Season II. which will make the next season more fair and more fun to play at!

As you may know, we have joined the Gallantry family which gives you a lot more reason to play on our cups.

What’s new for Season II.:

  • Our second Season will be the main qualification scene for the Gallantry Pro League which means the top 8 teams on the leadeboard will be invited to play at #GPL !
  • Listening to your feedback made us change various things in our Rules (I recommend you to read through all the rules):
  1. Brand new Score system
  2. More detailed rules and penalization on no-show cases
  3. Updated veto system that allows Upper Bracket team in Grand Final to choose first map
  4. Regulation on Boosting and Bug abusing (still working on the bug side of it)
  5. Updated rule on what to do if a player crashes


Hopefully everyone will find these changes helpful. As read above, we’re still waiting on suggestions on bug abuses that should be banned.

Sign up for Season II. – 1/5 Cup is open at : Registration link

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