Interview with Devod from HYPOTHERMY

crappy(Cup Admin): First of all, congratulations for tonight’s performance!

Devod(HYPOTHERMY): Thank you very much.

crappy(Cup Admin): Please give us a brief story of you & your team’s past!

Devod(HYPOTHERMY): My name is Dávid Gunyhó. I was playing with János ‘VEXON’ Kosaras and Tamás ‘HeLot’ Szaller for a long time in Call of Duty 4, but we have quit the game in 2015. Medárd ‘TYLER’ Maczkó was playing Call of Duty 4 with me until 2011 and then he has quit the game. After that, in 2015 we started playing CS:GO. Our fifth member is Martin ‘dR4x’ Horváth. I know him from high school and we were playing CS:GO together.

crappy(Cup Admin): Which game(s) have you been competing in before Battalion 1944?

Devod(HYPOTHERMY): So the core members are our ex-CoD4 players. Unfortunately I have failed to establish a successful team in CS:GO.

crappy(Cup Admin): How do you see Battalion 1944’s future? What are your plans for the future in this game?

Devod(HYPOTHERMY): It is hard to answer this question. Obviously, we’d like if the game could get a good start and become a serious esport game. My plan is to become the best and get serious results at internetional events.

crappy(Cup Admin): What’s your favourite map in the game so far? Why?

Devod(HYPOTHERMY): Personally I don’t have a favourite, I like all 4 competitive maps. According to the team, the most favoured map is Liberation.

crappy(Cup Admin): What’s your favourite weapon?

Devod(HYPOTHERMY): I am the marksman in the team, therefore sniper.

crappy(Cup Admin): Name 1 thing you like the most in the game and 1 thing you like the least!

Devod(HYPOTHERMY): I like the game in general, I know it’s an EA and buggy things like hitbox will be fixed.

crappy(Cup Admin): About our cup: How would you rate your team’s performance tonight?

Devod(HYPOTHERMY): We were playing really good, had some mistakes but we have managed to get through every difficulties so we’ve got in the finals which we have fortunately won.

crappy(Cup Admin): Are you satisfied with the organisation of the cup? Would you like to see more of our cups in the future?

Devod(HYPOTHERMY): We were glad that we had to play groupmatches not only single elimination matches, this was a great idea! We will attend as many events of yours as we can!

crappy(Cup Admin): Anything else you’d like to share with the community?

Devod(HYPOTHERMY): I’d like to tell all players of Battalion to keep the tenacity and keep playing! Let’s make Battalion an esport game!

crappy(Cup Admin): Once again, congratulations for tonight’s performance. Thank you very much for participating, we’re looking forward to see you at our next event.

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